Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Shack

I heard some talk about The Shack and wanted to read it before any spoilers wormed their way into my head. Much like when The Golden Compass came out on film. I distrust the media, not so much because of how they portray (spin) art, but the condescension that comes from their need to explain to me what I should be feeling/thinking/seeing.

The revelation of God being portrayed as three separate entities with different human qualities is not news. Frankly, the God portrayed in the book is the one I currently have a relationship with. What really struck me about the book is the slow set up and then gut punch simplicity of God's love for ALL of His children.

I enjoyed the fact that laying out the basic tenets of Christian beliefs was done so in the guise of a parable and not from a soapbox. Most complaints I have heard since reading The Shack comes from either the portrayal of God as one or any of the three characters, or that non-Christians will think that God will send them a letter.

My response to both of these lines of thought are exactly what has been taught within the story of this book: Who are we to judge who God is, what He can do, and why He does anything? I thought that was the point of the Emergent Church. To break conventional thinking about God and his message within the organized, institutional church.

Christians, non-Christians, and those hurt by institutionalized religion that do not understand the relational aspect of being a Christ follower should read this book.