Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guitar Shopping

God has removed every excuse from my repertoire not to push forward on my music project. After starting my own business, I now have time and money to burn (so to speak).

I'm looking for a new guitar. I've got one circa 1987 from Sears. I think it was about $100 at the time. It's a killer - finger killer that is! I'm not sure why they make learner guitars so hard to play. Maybe they do it to weed out the wannabes. The ones I have seen on-line that I'm willing to invest in are between $200-$400. My bro has an $800 Epiphone, but until I get to the place where I think I can invest a decent amount of time to learning, I'll stick with something on the lower end.

I can read music and have self-taught myself the Hal Leonard beginner books. I pick them up and play for a couple weeks until my fingers can take no more. That's when I set the guitar down for a while. Typically a few years at a time. Then I start all over again. I've been writing some songs and I'm ready to put them to music.

The place I'm at currently is frustration at not having an outlet to sing. Whether it's being under-used or not knowing how to use me, I'm not quite sure. So God has made it uncomfortable enough for me and fired me up so that I'm ready to create opportunities to use my gift.