Monday, January 28, 2008

green mile

the wry smile
with the bony leg of a cricket
wedged in the corner of your grin

eyes shut tight as you take
another hard swallow of
crunchy exoskeleton

heart racing, thorax squeezed
looking down the abyss of the lizard
through one thousand lenses of your compound eye

Friday, January 18, 2008

simple systems

our stars cross
sharing dust
our trajectories
forever changed

our new shape
gaining mass
spins off
three little moons

watching our rotation
orbits change
eventually breaking
free from gravity

trio of planets
eventually creating
a new cluster
in our space

Thursday, January 10, 2008

nothing for sure

the steady cascade of rain
from a faucet left on by
an absent-minded God
rather than the worn gray blanket of clouds

slowly fading the weathered
gray fence to a deep rich burgundy
i could have told you
it would happen

just as when i see the once wind-lodged branch
lifeless - an amputated limb - broken
and know its future will take it
to the brush pile beside the retired shed

As sure as each kernel of corn
will be delivered from the cob
to our year-round resident
squirrel's cheek

The rain's predictability mocks my ability
to know so much...spending my days
searching for answers
except for knowing my future

perhaps the fence, the corn, maybe even the squirrel,
but especially the rain
look at me knowing only one thing for sure
what will become of me

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mix it up

So I originally intended this to be a site exclusively for giving my poetic creative side somewhere to dump. Though I have several poem buds started, they are taking some time to bloom, so while I work through the details...

I have been reading Ted Kooser, Poet Laureate of the US and former Pulitzer Prize winner, most recently. His poetry reminds me of Billy Collins, but in a more matter-of-fact, slightly depressed, and less humorous tone.

Ted Kooser's The Poetry Home Repair Manual is my current read. I hesitate reading any "how to make your poetry better" books because I don't believe there are any formulas needed for expressing yourself if you truly want to define your own voice. However...Ted's advice for reading as much as you can thereby understanding language and how to better communicate to an audience by standing on the shoulders of others is priceless. I agree with his notion that, "we teach ourselves to write the types of poems we like to read". It's the same with music. If I am interested in jazz, I wouldn't go out and pen a heavy metal rock anthem. So I am enjoying his book.

I'm putting the finishing touches on a poem about Zippy, my son's anole. Hopefully by week's end.